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I have abandoned my readers. Woe is me.

I have a visitor this weekend, and we stayed up all night talking about nothing much, drinking and eating home made pizza. Mmmm.

This picture has been a labour of love. Much love. So much love that it is now the screen paper for my mobile and my desktop backdrop and the errors will taunt me until I give in and fix them.

Ifan and Nyssa. Two of my favourite characters from the Sons of Lur. Plot lining progresses and we will soon have drafting underway. But until then, teaser pictures of what I want to happen. These two have a starring role, and around whom the story goes.

In you I delight by ~space-wolf on deviantART

I will say that I rendered it once and the errors drove me mad. So I did it again, fixed it, but made it bigger. Around 3 times. So now it measures 3000px across in Landscape. Do the math. So the render itself took around 9+ hours, which is a frightening idea when anything big or detailed used to crash my machine. This is the time that having a USB 2GB booster helps.

Not much else to say except that Sons of Lur is on the way and I hope to have this (and the website ready for it) by the summer of 2011 (i.e. I graduate, I sell out)

Edit: Within moments of posting, I had 2 +favs and a comment on this. *psych!*