This title doesn’t really mean anything. I’m just listening to Sting’s latest winter album which has some lovely old style Christmas songs on.  I know I shouldn’t be listening to it, but *shrugs*. It makes me want to write wintery scenes, of snow covered plains with grim mountains capped with misty snow in the distance, of broken and shattered stone towers with their bare bones open to the sky, dark ravens and crows wheeling overhead. Not even a grim sky, but cold and misty grey clear. Makes me shiver to think about it. Lone horses riding across the compacted snow. *brr*


The strike is over. Well. We sorted something out. It ended with me reminding my characters that I have to work and have other things to do and I do not appreciate them striking. Of course, I was pelted then with the handy rotten tomatoes.

[please note, in case you’re worrying that I’ve lost my marbles and you’re about to finish dialling the number for the men in white coats – hold! Stay your hand! (why do you have them on speed dial, hmm?). None of this happened. I just like to explain how my mind works and do stuff like this … I talk to myself … You can finish calling them now …]

Basically my view has shifted from Elrik and Alecto and Gretham and Taynor and Ifan (can you see now what my problem was?) to focus on Ifan. Ifan is … becoming more of a mixture of various characters I’ve worked on before – for example: Caedmon (Tw), December (Tw), Nicholas of Ravensguild (tE3), maybe even Gillan (though he was a sorrowful character)(Cru) with a touch of inspiration of November from Caeliden and Aragon and Faramir from LOTR. Mind you, Alecto is probably Nicholas of Ravensguild plus others from that set and Gretham is Nicholas, Thom and Sir Harold … They are the sorts of men I’ve written about for a while. Though Ifan is definitely blonde now. I’m channelling Viking/Celtic energies through him, partly because I’ve had Outlander on the brain when I started working on this one. Plus Hildi is a nice name. Oh, and the only other blonde I’ve got is Logan from my vampire book. I don’t really write blonde heroes.


Tw – Twilighter (2008 – 2009)
tE3 – The Elemental Trilogy (2004 – 2008)
Cru – Crusader (The Elemental Trilogy prequel) (2006 – 2007)

You should know what LOTR is. Where have you been if you don’t?!

So, Ifan has become a focal point, about whom the sub-plots will hang. This allows me to explore some of my interests, as the Northern Clans are more likely (with their Celtic and Viking influences) are more likely to treat magic and dragons and so such with awe because its a significant part of their mythos, whereas in Rhegan, magic is practised, is a profession, therefore a boy to have it does not imply a destiny.

It also allows me to explore his relationship with Nyssa (and you’ll have to read the book to find out who she is).


On another note. Luthabel and Arien have finally released a new Wildlander for V4. So now I can have proper Rangers with “matching” armour (it “matches. Its close enough) which means that I can have my Queen’s Rangers. *yippee*. Note it also has a set of textures to make the Morphing Fantasy Dress into a skirted uniform to go with the set – so I can have courtly dress and sensible ladies (aka Taynor).


I don’t want to give too much away. I’m so excited about this story. When I fix the website, I’ll have a section for it, to eventually have a link to the store over on Lulu.com. So keep your eyes open.


Also, a word to the wise. Don’t make strong coffee in your travelling mug. It goes really really strong (two teaspoons is probably a tad too much) unless you put oodles of sugar in. It gives you a bad stomach ache or makes you feel sick because it irritates your stomach. I learnt the hard way. I have about a half mug of cold coffee because I physically can’t stomach it. Though that might have been the chinese last night … good but in HUGE portions.

And I send you off on your wanderings of the abyss beyond, travelling the strings of the web the interwebs spider weavings. Feel free to link to me from your website/forum account/ facebook or twitter feed. I like seeing you lot in passing.