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I’m sure there’s a song in that. In fact I’m doubly sure … *searches music list*. Ah ha! Garth Brooks’ “Workin’ For A Livin’” – hits play. Play, little computer, play! … *realises she’s doing the head bopping motion listening to Country music*

Not that you out there *gestures at the great nowhere that is the internet* can see me making a fool of myself, but oh well.

Yes. I am currently a temporary serf to The Man, the Great Machine or whatever you want to call it. Personally I think I’m a translator for the masses [Engineering L33T speak –> Layman’s terms], but here I am, chained to my desk. *Dramatic sigh*

Actually its not too bad. Wrestle with some figures. Explode brain. Drink coffee. Listen to loud rawk music whilst hoping no one else can hear it (though I’m not the worst culprit for this). Pester the lecturers for explanations. Read more mind blowing documents filled with technical researcher language that you keep reaching for the dictionary. Frequently tell yourself that you love the internet. Actually say it out loud. Read mail. Respond to mail. Cry when Inbox tells you it’s full on a daily basis.

Ah, just the typical day for a research intern. I technically don’t have a job title. I’m not even sure this is a proper job. We’re kinda winging it here, but from what I can tell, you just have to learn to roll with it.

Because I’m working, writing has be put on the back burner (and I know that Ifan and the others are on strike because of this. Am currently in negotiations about payment and appearances) but I’m trying really hard to get my weekends and evenings back. Next week should be better (she says) though from about now until August my weekends are non-existent. How did that happen?

In case you’re wondering, this post was written from my computer desktop and sent via LiveWriter. If I have it, I should use it.


Story Update

Title: Dragon Book (WIP) or Sons of Lur

Progress: 4 chapters and a bit

Status: Stalled

Comments: I have about 4 main story lines I’m threading together. I really need to stick to my poor chapter lists. I don’t want to cut my characters because their stories are important, but I really will need to focus on one of them – like how Frodo’s quest is the uber uber main plotline in LOTRs, but then you have the sub plots of the others running through and you get to the part where the hobbits are one place and merry and pippin are somewhere else and then you have Aragon, Gimli and Legolas with the Riders? Okay, maybe you don’t, but that’s what I need to sort out. I know we’re only on first draft time, but I need a heading – I’m floundering and indulging my normal way of writing – aka. Ooh! Character. Come here and tell me your story.

Maybe I should gut it and start afresh properly? >_<

Painful but should probably be done. And knowing me and my family (loves to you of you’re reading this! >_<), I’ll probably end up sat with my laptop in the corner cursing the name of my characters under my breath. (Loves you too *strokes laptop*)

Amazing Art

You really should take a look at this guy Bad-Dragon. His art is incredible and I would strongly advise you take a look at this image “Under Haalkitaine”

Under Haalkitaine by *Bad-Dragon on deviantART

Ain’t it pretty? It took him 11 renders to make it and goodness knows how many weeks.

There – a bit of culture for your week.



Website things

I will be taking this website apart soon. Not because I don’t like it (I don’t. I think there’s too much going on and not enough people wanting to take a look at it), but because I feel that I have moved away from some of the things on here – like Pixel art (in particular).

So, I’m taking the time on the train this weekend, armed only with a notepad and a pen (okay, and a laptop, writing notebook, reading book, the Tudors DVD, DS, two dragons, kit bag, hand bag … argh, I’m turning into a bag lady!) … you get the picture. I’ll be organising my thoughts then take the site offline for a bit before getting back to you.

Don’t worry, dear readers, I’ll give you plenty of warning and it’ll be done gradually over the period of the summer holiday to be back in force by early September. Art will be transferred to Deviant Art or maintained on my Flickr account for archival interest. Maybe I’ll be coming back to it, but I want to highlight my main focal points and turn this into a more professional website. I will also be checking the old websites for any working links and closing them down permanently. There will be no warning of this, so I would transfer any saved links to here.

That will be all. Next!


Signing off now. I have a character strike to work out …