Hey guys (and gals),

I’ve been pushing the book draft for a free proof copy which would be due by the end of the month – yup, around 5 days from now. But the website that I’d have to do it through is so complicated and would require me to get US tax exemption (wtf?!? Fill in this form? No, wait. Fill in this form after requesting this letter and submitting it to be given a TIN number which will then be considered) – but as a student, I currently don’t even pay proper UK tax, so that just makes a whole world of trouble trying to fill in a US form where student isn’t an option of employment, because US students already have a state security number which can be used instead of a TIN. !!!

So, that deadline is scrapped, since I can’t figure out if getting this free proof copy is worth it, when I can just check on lulu.com with my current page number projections and get single copy figures and so on and so forth. Which also means I get a bit more time to work on it, since I’m probably about 3 and a bit chapters in. And I’m having characters on strike and demanding pay and I’m currently dealing with their union. Pff. Fictional characters and their pay disputes.

In other news:

I don’t really fill you lot *gestures at the general emptiness that exists beyond the illumiated laptop screen* in on what’s happening out here.

Well, third year is over. And I moved house into my fancy new house (you can read more about it on my website – mainly that I had no internet for a bit etc) and should start work soon. Though that could be later into July since I don’t have uni until the end of September and my boss is currently in Columbia or Norway (we’re not quite sure …).

I also put a hole in a wall pulling out nails to put a new one in to put up a banner in my study (oops). I hadn’t noticed that there were two nails below the one I was levering out with the hammer until a chunk of wall started to move and I found I had a large dark hole into masonry. It then meant my partner went looking for putty and paint and now I can’t do anything until it’s dry and I have a huge (I mean HUGE) yellow spot on my wall. It’s not really yellow, but because the paint has faded, even the faint yellow paint it should be is not super bright. >_<. Hopefully it'll fade before the Landlord see's it or we have to repaint the wall.

There's not much really, save the book being held back from going to proof. I'm struggling for a title – currently I have Sons of Lur in my WIP folder, since Dragon Rider doesn't really fit anymore.