Well … We’ve been camping and I have been stranded without Internet for about 2 weeks with the change of address. Camping was hot and midgey, but I learnt to make Fire. The house is almost unpacked and we’ve probably moved a good ton of wood into the house and manhandled a wardrobe and a couple of bookcases into place. And somehow, in all that time after finishing my Exhibition and officially finishing my 3rd year at university, have begun the actual project I’ve been craving to do since … like … November.

We’ve also got some art for it, via an art trade with Dame Odessa: Webs of Destiny

Currently the story is drafted:
Chapters: 2
Wordcount: 10193
Deadline: 01/07/2010

I’ll be organising a section on the book when I get a bit more done. So, until then, keep an eye on this blank space [insert blank space here]