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So. I finally caved. Years behind the trend, I purchased for myself a portable games station. Yup – I sold my soul to Nintendo and all I got was this lousy t-shirt … wait, wait, wait. That didn’t happen! But I did buy myself a Nintendo DSlite (they didn’t have any cases for the Nintendo DS).

And I bought it second hand and yeah, it’s pink (since no one wants to hand over a black/red/blue one). Though I immediately bought a brand spanking new white case with new stylus because the little minx who owned it before me had chewed the end. Seriously. Chewed the end! At this moment in time I have the latest Kingdom Hearts game – 358/2 Days with the latest Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on order. Supposedly the last one is super rare since only one of the Grainger Games stores had it on stock. Whoo!

And yes, I am up to here :imaginary line on face below eyes: with things I have to do and my pockets may soon be empty but I can at least say I can have a bit of fun. And I have to finish the novel.


Countdown to Manuscript: 56 days
Number of Cups of Coffee: 2?
Things on my To-Do list: Unknown – stopped counting.