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I’m sure everyone is getting bored of the snow, but I’m finding it peaceful and inspiring all the same. The cool peace, the tranquil silver, the grey dustyness which creates a surreal environment, blinding whiteness, open flat, miles of nothing by pure. Even the small scampering animals out braving the cold in the garden. Magic. Beautiful. Perfect.

Especially since, as I went down to Norwich (like the mad woman I am) to go and see Stella Natalis, Karl Jenkin’s new work at Norwich Cathedral as part of my Christmas present, all I can think about is a man leading a caravan across wasteland – flat marshes, expanse of reeds and salt-weed and deep pools. It’s exciting, but I spent 5 hours in a car fixed on that image. And I managed to find the words. *fingers crossed*

Have a very happy christmas, wherever you are, and all the best for the holiday season.