I had another stab at redrafting my NaNo book – you recall the one I wrote feverishly throughout November? Well, I’m taking it to pieces and starting again. I like the old one, I honestly do, but it just got the ball rolling. I’ve discovered more since then, I have glorious cities in my head and clothing and people who I’ll never get to meet. I’m currently working on Sparrow and Rose (I’m splitting the main characters into groups so there’s a main and a secondary together) (it’s actually more complicated than that, so bear with me). I wasn’t sure if Rose really is a precocious nine year old, or if I should make her older, along with her relationship with Sparrow. Also Sparrow is a bit of an enigma, so I’m getting him sorted first and then turning my attention to the others.


Sparrow & Rose:

Rose is 17 and at the Finishing School for Girls (names may change) on Capital. Sparrow is her Patron, her guardian if you will, whilst she’s at school. He keeps an eye on her, takes her out on Patron Days and is generally a big brother kind of character. I’m thinking of Rose getting involved in some sort of cult thing through some friends and being in love with Sparrow, and Sparrow has an untrusting, god complex going on. He cares for Rose, but she’s just a paying gig in terms of some of the stuff he has to put up with.

Lena & Jan:

Secondary Characters to Sparrow but since they do run a space ship, they have a small story line which threads around. But they turn up in Sparrow’s sections. A couple who run a ship for Rose, they are good honest traders who have an interesting love story going on.


Has no secondary character yet. Still going to be wanted for murder and still going to be innocent, but will be dropped off with Sparrow rather than with Lena & Jan.

William & Caleb:

William is a Military Brat serving under a Witch-hunter group. Caleb is a techpriest, but has a cunning plan about him (I won’t write what, because it is spoiler-riffic and I like this character twist too much to spoil!)

Caleb kind of becomes a more important character later on (practically becomes a main character)

& a host of other people: Jesul

In other news: Holiday has started, and next week I’m going to London for a few days. Our upstairs toilet still hasn’t been fixed and my room still needs a good tidy. Joy of joys!