Christmas? Already? No we’re not pulling your leg here at Wolfish Written. We actually do celebrate Christmas weeks early, to coincide with the last weekend before the end of term. Why? Because we’re students. Here in our flat, three people club together to get one person a gift and it goes around the loop. It’s better than secret santa and it means we all get gifts from everyone at the slightly lower cost. It makes us feel good to contribute to someone else’s happiness.

We put up our tree last sunday, on Advent Sunday, and we’ll probably leave it up until we come back – though no lights switched on, and all edible decorations removed. We also do a proper christmas dinner … thats right, all the trimmings as our allowances will allow us to have. So thats turkey, veg, stuffing, roast potatoes, pudding, christmas cake, nice drinks, after dinner mints and crackers. Add a couple of games, cards, marbles and a few crazy moments of cooking and voila, instant christmas two weeks early.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because my flatmates got me (along with a chalk bag and chalk for climbing) Liquid Story Binder by Black Obelisk Software. This should help the story ideas flowing along (and maybe also next year’s dissertation … )

Liquid Storybinder is not a copy of word by another company. No. It’s a flexible writing package with integrated galleries, storyboards, text documents, mind maps and outlines which can be used to the user’s convinience. It’s not just for story writers, but also for students, graphic novel artists and general gathering of ideas to write about. It can also format a manuscript at the end for your convinience. There is a 30 day (non consecutive) trial on the website, with purchase ability for the registration code. This code does not entitle you to much, YET. But it allows free upgrades, unlimited use and free access to all the future versions available from Black Obelisk. They are a shareware group, not a bunch of money grabbing thieves.

This product is only for PCs, not MACs. For MACs a similar software is avalible from Literature & Latte, called Scrivener. From what I can see, this stuff works the same way as Liquid Story Binder, but is for Macs. And they have a corkboard instead of a storyboard. Aand thats about it.  

Now, back to the fun of the crazy!