So, you guessed it. November is over, I got my final word count through as 52,720 (they seemed to include my chapter titles, so thats funky) and got my hands on my various code-dealies for the coming year.  This also means I get my hands on my free proof copy of the book once I’ve finished reworking, redrafting and reviewing my book. Yes, the book will actually be reworked. I started it again on Tuesday. This is my quest. This is my … (oh yeah, you guys are still here >_<)

Also, life has returned to some sense of normality pretty quickly. Normal in terms of uni, not normal in terms of work. Ah yes, the Christmas break is fast approaching and deadlines are approaching fast. (see what I did there?). So my life is now chained to the computers in the department so I can help finish our building design and do the first parts of geotechnics. Joy.


Also, revision is on the horizon for the January Exams. I salute you all who are studying for any form of tests and I’m going to go back to the hard slog, handcuffed to the computer keyboard.

Must. Go. Buy. Coffee!