Okay. I got up this morning and found that my muse has abandoned me – not literally, since it appears that my muse was rather more organised than I thought. Piko, in fact, had organised a replacement, who crept into the bed last night and told me he was my new creativity guy. Piko has gone into the coursework department, since Engineering seems to have taken his fancy. Yey >_<

So, now I’m stuck with a dragon who needs a bath, continually complains I’m not writing and that my taste in music sucks. My response, of course has been that he needs a bath.

Coursework has sort of eased off, allowing me some time to crack on and finish this story. I’m not sure how it’s going to end, or if I like how it’ll end. But I don’t care anymore. I can feel the buzz of the end coming, excitement in my throat, making my hands itch to write, to make my thoughts sing. It’s not all consuming, but it’s always there. I love my characters, hate them, feel for them, cry with them.

I want to introduce them to you too.

My plan (ah hah, yes, a plan) is to finish this this weekend, to work quickly on a fake front cover (or improve my current one), work on a new title and then skim it for plot holes, character changes and general grammer and jist of the story.

Then i’m getting my proof copy.

Then you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the limited edition, signed hard copy books I’ll run off Lulu.com and sell through me (not through their store or amazon). It’ll be the real deal, copyrighted and all.

See you on the other side!