It sounds like a really bad sci-fi film, or a horror film gone wrong. But it kind of sums up my life atm.

NaNo was going really well, I was coasting around my aimed word count, but then I hit rock bottom towards the end of last week. And I haven’t really gotten up again.

I mean I have, just not in the right sense of the word. After having a bit of a scream and a yell and a cry, I dusted my physical self off and sat down with a calendar and got everything into perspective. We’ve sort of reached a plateau with work, and it’s tailing of (in theory) towards the end of term. Sure we keep being given coursework, but we’re also loosing it and the hand in dates don’t coincide with anything else. I also have enough time to get my head down, do some work and get my story written to the death. So I had nothing to really wobble about.

Of course, I have, but I’m working on that point. It’s frustrating to keep feeling like I’m carrying most groups that I work in, with other people not taking up the slack. I want to loose myself in books and films, but haven’t the time. I ended up reading some student welfare documentation on the web and have decided that NaNo is good for me (can you believe that? It’s actually good for me).

So, maybe not going hell for leather, but I’ll try.

I almost gave up on this, help me hang in there.