Yesterday was “blow things up” night. Technically it was the day that someone tried to blow up parliament way back when. So why do we go out and watch other things get blown up and shower crazy coloured sparks down on us? We seem to forget that a man died because of this!

I didn’t get to go and watch fireworks. I wish I had, partly because it would have been amazing to be with Purple-gal and Duckie and all the other TUGS peeps , and it wouldn’t have been nice to take a break from all the crap going on atm. But no. I had to listen to the fireworks from the house, polishing my combats and using nail polish remover to get rid of the white paint marks. Then I ironed my suit, tidied my room and waited for my presentation to turn up to read. The guys didn’t quit until gone 8 at night and they did an amazing job. So lets not mess it up with today’s presentation!

I got no writing done. Which was miserable and generally crap. I had ideas and stories buzzing around my head and I couldn’t even get my computer out and play with ideas because I had work to do.


So, later on, I may be stealing my cousin’s laptop when I go and visit her in Durham and just, generally, yeah – you know. Steal and write.