The eyes … sounds like something out of a horror film. Except the truth is, my eyes are probably suffering from NaNoism. or itis. Or whatever.

Last night I wrote enough words to push the 8000 milestone. I patted myself on the back, a day ahead of schedule. I poured myself a glass of juice and toasted to success, hope and all that’s good uplifted on advent carols from choir practise.

I then spent the rest of the night banging my head on the ceiling and woke up feeling like I’d been passed through a grater and remolded.

I think it’s something to do with banging my head all night, with maybe a bit of lack of knowledge on the piece of work being presented tomorrow – coupled, infact, with the wretched knowledge that just when I thought the work might … might just start easing off a tad, I get thrown back in with the knowledge that my “block” module sucks. Sucks really badly. 3 Presentations to do … plus research … plus meetings … plus hell.


Yesterday Lord A384 made Christmas cake. We both started it but I had to go out for choir practise and it ended up being half past midnight when it finally came out of the oven. The house smelled amazing when I came back – sharp lemon and orange citrus smell with the warmth of mixed spice and the general great smell of cakes baking. I love christmas prep! We may also be making Stollen, but that depends of whether or not I find a good recipe.

We have a presentation tomorrow, which is making me a little nervous. But the group seem to think it’s all under control and I suppose we are – I just have no idea about what I’m doing and my head feels stuffed full of microwaved cottonwool.


I’m waffling again – I should probably stop but writing complete nonsense is sort of soothing to the brain – it gives it focus, drive, direction. It also stops me from thinking about anything.

Maybe tonight I can get all my silly little chores done and then curl up with a studio ghibli or another film and write and watch and veg. Vegging is good with NaNoWriMo.