I have a confession. I almost gave up on my story. Almost.

I hit a wall, wrote the beginning of a chapter which turned a little darker than I dared go. I got a little nervous of my MFC (Main Female Character for those out of the loop) and found her a more than a little disturbing. So I let myself follow some new leads of story threads and found my way back.

Now I have a story sat on ice waiting for NaNo to finish. Because I’m not going to give up on this one.

I have, after 2 days 6005 words. 6005! Thats like … most of a dissertation, and I’m only just getting started. I’ve decided that Studio Ghibli is a good tonic for writer’s block, even if it sparks unusual ideas. I also think I have a tendancy to … over exaggerate some of the details.

Maybe Caleb and William will forgive me.

Should I update stuff on here? OR should I leave it all till the end, when I choose to get it all tidied up and make it into a story worth a front cover?

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