I have a habit. Every morning I get on the metro, I try and grab a metro newspaper on the way. Most of its a little naff, so I usually just flick through until I find the nemi comics, the enigma and the sudoku page. I then spend the rest of the day trying to wake up and complete all three sudokus. It is very handy when a meeting which was supposed to take place … now … has only me sat at the table. Which is frustrating, since we have a piece of work due in next week. See why I’m trying to focus on the Sudoku?

I also have almost finished the dress (yey!) – all it needs now is the ruffle, the hem done on both the under dress and over dress and the sleeves attached to the bodice. The ribbon may or may not be added – depends on how it all goes this evening. I also, since my wrists and fingers were protesting loudly after doing fiddly little bits of hand stitching, got some help to lay out my lovely green bits of cord and pinned the cloak pattern to it. Just got to cut it out, and the lining out and stitch it all together + add the clasp. This doesnt have to be done by tomorrow, but it would be nice. I may decide to sneak upstairs with the sewing machine and sit in Chris’s room to wreak havoc on innocent strands of thread.