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Well, I probably should start off by saying that I’m not going to be documenting the progression of the dress, since it’s nearly finished and I’ve not taken any photos just yet. Hopefully it’ll be finished this evening/tomorrow with some time to wack out a cloak etc. I would make a greenery crown, but I can’t afford to spend any more money. Maybe next time.

Nano-esque business ~ I really owe a huge thanks to the Traveller group at Questlands. I will probably be stealing our antics to fuel my writing frenzy come sunday afternoon (!). So here’s to you guys right now (except you Hudson. I wouldn’t trust your purchasing skills any more than you can throw dynamite!). Also, I am the Hacker Queen (in Traveller! Honest!) so lolz. 🙂
I really should probably explain what’s going on, but then you might get really confused.

Back to more things: cookies go down well with games masters (^_^).

Um …


Okay … so I posted this and thought that I should maybe give a bit more thought to what I’ve written.
Crafty things have become focused on making my dress/cloak for halloween. And if I’m not making my dress, I’m doing coursework or knitting as I watch Enterprise (not watching as I do coursework, just to clarify). So, I’ve not really be running much Daz or paint except when its needed for work (paint, not Daz). I’ve also been tinkering with the Liquid Binder software from Black Obelisk. This software rocks! And I mean rocks your socks off.

Long story short (you can read their promotional waffle if you’re interested in the long story), it’s a flexible wordprocessor which is brilliant at working on novels/books/short stories. You can create mind maps and time lines of events, character dossiers and character galleries to make you feel inspired as well as planning each chapter and writing each chapter in a separate section. It also has a global wordcount and goal orientated chapter sections (which you can exceed) which allow you to hit targets as well as telling you how many days left on the project you’ve got (or done).

It’s amazing! It’s what I’m tinkering with over Nano and I have to finish the novel or convert it to .rtf or .txt (and loose any formatting) before the free trial runs out after 30 days of useage. Amazing!

For once I am worthy of being the sister of techy Seraphim2150!

Follow the link if you want any more from Black Obelisk or to download the 30 day trial.

Um …

What else …

I don’t think I’ve got anything realy to talk about except Uni, which doesn’t really interest you. Though I did meet up with the Nanowrimo group last weekend (which was Awesome! That’s better than awesome since it has a capital letter at the start) and then me and my house went and saw “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” – which was good.

And I’ve been watching too much Enterprise, since I’m now most of the way through season 4. 😦


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ALSO: New style to the website, with the latest images transferred from flickr. We are now up to date on everything that was put on flickr. Anything updated now will be new!