Here is a philosophical question. Would regular updates generate regular links? Does anyone ever read this anyways?
HNTDAAB has a biweekly (or more) schedule which gets bumper traffic. Then again, they are three working on the site, with Seraphim doing most of the uploading.

I’m contemplating doing something for Advent (similar to the guys … sorry guys) but do the 24 days of characters or 12 days of stories (with added character bits). Give a bit more of an understanding of what I’ve got hidden away. Also, if I run with the NaNoWriMo thing this year, I’ll probably try and keep a 24 hour diary (daily diary) on here with links on twitter to keep everyone up on word count and how much hell i’m going through.

Not that anyone cares.

It seems I need to work on my hook, so I thought that maybe getting more content up may work.

I thought about getting more videos made, but they take a whole afternoon, which when work picks up will be hard to get done (unless it was a sunday round up …) I hope to brainstorm some more ideas and get back to you.

Thats it on the note of website work. On a new note, I’m making a medieval dress for Halloween/general fun. I’ll keep you posted on here.

Thats it now, got to get back to my work,