I know, its not actually 28 weeks later, but never mind.

My last post hinted at the Great North Run. I didn’t die (whatever you might have been thinking) and finished with a respectable 3hrs 35mins. And yes, I walked most of the way. I may put up some bits and pieces of photos when I get them from the various friends and family members who were wielding cameras on the day.

University started back the next day (eek!) with myself and two friends sat on the TUGS society stall for two days. It was like a convention (not that I’ve been to one) but we had stalls and people trying to get people’s attention and the fencing lot picking fights with the Questlands larpers (they were two stalls down from us and frequently would wander around in their president’s home made chainmail or steam punk top hat with their swords). The rugby lot behind us had the match on tv the second day, so all we could hear were these guys cheering or booing whatever happened on the tv. It was pretty cool and very tiring since we didn’t get many people coming over to say hi and lots of funny looks at our home made society shirts and our tin of cookies and cakes (made by madame secretary the nights before). We also had a penguin as a mascot. Not many people asked why.

Anyways, the first week was crazy busy, with the second week (aka teaching week 11) even more so. I’d volunteered to help out with the Induction Trip to Grinton with the new first years (yey …). The great thing I got to do was be staff, and sit at the staff table and drink the staff drink they brought along (bought in copious amounts for the students then siphoned off by the various staff members who fancied some bottles of wine). It was really good fun since I was running the “Retrieve the Bucket” exercise and had a lot of laughs watching them go looking for the long bit of rope we’d hidden and then try not to spill the bucket of water. The next day was orienteering, but I wasn’t really involved so I sat shivering in the sun until it was time to go home on the bus. A nice way to spend two days of introductary lectures.

But what I’m trying to say is why I’ve not been doing much uploading and why I’m doing it now on a Friday … at 10:28 (ish). I’ve been busy and I’m now sat at the computer waiting for the lecture to start. Currently we’re watching the various lecturers try and get the screen to work on the main computer without knowing that every student can’t access the SPACE GASS software because of a runtime error on our new computers (suprise suprise).

So here I am, recounting my last two weeks for your enjoyment. Maybe I’ll get a video blog sorted over the weekend and show you the new books I’m reading as well as my GNR medal.

Also: query this – how many lecturers, assistants and helpers do you need to get the projector working? (we’ve had 6 so far in one place)

Creatively I’ve been a bit of a vaccum. I’ve not had time to sit and do DAZ, and I’d really like to get some more stuff (bad Space-wolf, bad!). But pixel art and written stuff’s not going anywhere fast. I’d like to learn how to do some good CG art, so bought a Manga book to learn how to draw decent stuff to then scan/trace into the computer and then fill in. My first attempt wasn’t too bad.

We’ve been playing Singstar with the flat and have a half decent collection of games (^_^). Seraphim 2150 and co over at HNTDAAB may or may not be pleased. The deviant art collection has begun to pick up again, but I’ll keep you up to date on all the new updates before I get them on the site. Thinking of pictures, once I’ve got the current collection on this site off Flickr, I may continue to put things on here or continue linking to deviant art. Give me your opinions in the new poll I’ll make:

~Edit: The answer to the previous question is 6. Since we’ve now cancelled the practical. Blame the university IT staff *blame blame*

NaNoWriMo is around the corner, so I’m getting a sneaky headstart now by thinking about the plot/characters/ideas and I have bits and pieces to work with. Hopefully this will end up being an easy slog by writing it over 2 months around things than over 20 days (kinda defeats the objective but hey, I’ll try).

On the note of creativity – Studio Gibli! My flatmate recently was given a load for her birthday and we ended up watching “My Neighbour Totoro” the other night. We then went out the next day and bought some more. So we’ll probably be watching them for the rest of the month. ~ totoro totoro … lalala …~

Ok, this has gone on enough and you’re probably now tired of my wandering ramblings. So I will let you all get back to what you were doing and speak to you again at some point soon.