Guild Wars 2. Looks awesome. Looks fantastic. I want. I want …. it doesn’t say when it’s out.

I now fully understand the hype Seraphim gets in when it comes to new games. I can’t wait to try this one when it comes out (hopefully after I have finished one of the games)

I just love the music and the graphics and I am one of these gamers who get behind the characters I make and give them a story and everything. Take, for example, the GW:P characters Tobias De La Mer and Genevieve De La Mer – siblings of the noble house, they are on their academy training. She is the black sheep of the family and he wants nothing more than to protect her. Which is why he doesnt like teaming up with Witold, Genevieve’s baby killing Mesmer companion (Sorry Lord A384, but he is!)