You can play many tricks on your computer, or even your viewer. You can position items to look more substantial then they are. You can fool a viewer that there is, in fact, a huge forest or city or distant mountain or depth of space by simply positioning a picture and giving it perspective. Its great! It saves my computer more to render by pre rendering the view from a window into a square view that can be placed on a flat object later. Add the same light settings and voila, instant city. Even down to the lit windows (thanks to making the object glow a bit to simulate the setting sun and the lights)

If you can’t already tell, I’ve been playing with a new render for a poster for my flat. It has taken me ages to think of something that would be appropriate and deserves making into a poster. And hopefully I will soon be sending this off to the poster people at the university library for a small fee in return for a shiny poster to put on my wall. Champion.


If I get enough people saying they like this, then I may sell it to you for a reasonable sum of money. So shout out if you are interested! (Any size as long as its ISO A …)

And about the website … I’ll get back to you, ‘k?