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I had hoped to recieve my Red String books today – books one and two of the webcomic I read by Gina Briggs. I got a note from the Royal Mail saying it had arrived and I hadn’t been in and that it had gone back to the posting office to collect it because our letter box is stupidly small (nothing fits through, magazines get rolled and ever package gets sent back to the sorting office). That was Monday.

They say “wait 48 hours before collecting your item”.  So today I jumped on the bus and went to the sorting office to be told that it hadn’t come back to the office yet and I’d have to go back tomorrow. This wouldn’t have annoyed me if I hadn’t had been looking forward to this since the exams – because I want nice things to read on the bus going to work come next week. *grr*

So I came back here and uploaded a new page with pictures too. Harry Potter Fan Fiction ^_^

Technically it’s not proper Harry Potter Fanfiction because a) it’s never all about Harry, Ron or Hermione, b) I prefer Neville to the trio (because he’s a leeds lad) and c) I have my own set of characters to adore and write about. *glee* Alexander McFadden (who I think should be played by James McAvoy in the eventual film which will be made, with Gaspard Ulliel as Damian Blaise)

Also, more content has been added to the 3D rendered, traditional and pixel pages. I’m almost at the full content that I had on my old sites and the current set of prepared pixel and 3D images. Go and look and enjoy.