In the gathering dusk ahead of the adventurer’s campaign in Tholon, two hirings of adventurers set out to put right the wrongs of the land. The first set out to end one of the Black Prince threats to Berwickshire, the other set off to answer a call for aid in a small village off in the wilds. Both missions stretched the limits of the adventurers who set out that day. Not all would return …

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In Tisa Valley there is a wood in which no man goes, for in it dwell the dark elves and they do not permit outsiders. They have lived in relative peace with their neighbours until, one day, they suddenly left their wood in a great hurry and set up an encampment in a nearby village. Concerned this was a prelude for an attack, the local constabulary summoned adventurers to seek out the source of this new threat.

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An urgent notice was tacked to the hiring posts around Newcroft on behalf of Lord Nelfaril of Nelfarig, calling adventurers to travel north at dawn by boat to the coastal town. The town, in the grasp of the White Star had been quiet for many months and the adventurers only learnt the extent of the siege when they were fired upon as they passed through the cliffs at the shore. Hurried into the Lord’s office they faced the grim reality of the siege as the nobleman, still in battered armour, rose wearily to greet them.

Would they help him with breaking the siege upon his city and help reclaim the southern road so that troops and supplies could once again pass into Nelfarig? They would do their best and die trying.


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It was a stormy weekend and Wren decided it was time to take a wander south. On a cart travelling down towards the Vale she hitched a lift with a view of seeing something new, and came at last to Stocktown. From there spins a tale of daring do …

Or just another mission write-up from an out-of-branch trip. Thank you Tees Valley branch for another pair of fun missions despite the opportune downpour at lunch.


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Eborshire, that ‘reet good’ northern duchy, home to adventurers and the Women of Eborshire famous for their white roses, bonnets and no nonsense attitudes. Two years after the last Eborshire Fayre was made open to the adventurers where the future Queen of Ithron proved her worth to the Dragons, the Women of Eborshire sent invitations to members of the adventuring community inviting them to a weekend of contests and mild diversions at their annual county fayre.

But, invite a number of adventurers to any one place and trouble is sure to follow …

Thank you to all those involved in planning, organising and running this year’s Leedsfest, and to all those who came to play and monster (even with the inclement weather). You’re the ones who make events like these memorable.

If there is anyone who knows they were at the event and are not named (or are named incorrectly), please drop a correction in the comments below or send an email to wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com

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In most of the projects I do that require heraldry or heraldic style decoration I use felt, because it cuts well, doesn’t fray and holds its colour. The only downside is that it sometimes bobbles during washing, but if that happens you can often just cut off the bobbled knot and the rest of the pattern is unaffected.

I use an embroidery hoop when adding felt decorations, and will talk you through how I decorated the Black Order heraldry on the shield cover featured in the shield cover tutorial.

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There are many things afoot in Berwickshire, twisting with the turning of time and spreading thin tendrils of dread throughout the land. The White Star Orcs are weakened with the loss of one of their leaders and the scattering of his tribes, the Black Princes have fallen eerily silent and in the dead of night adventurers are being sent dreams by the Lord of Death expressing that his patience is slowly coming to an end.

And so, on a warm summer morning the adventurers of Berwickshire and travellers from the Valley set out to try and set things to right in the county before it is too late …

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