For the past year the Rolborian Church of Berwickshire has had an interest in the ruins of the ancient city of Feracartha nestled in the green heart of Feracuna Forest. Father Telgast, a researcher with particular interest in the city, has worked hard alongside builders and other craftsmen to erect a tower to overlook the great flesh and bone wall surrounding the city. But his mind has never been the same since his last excursion into the city and when he vanishes from the “care” of the church, they try not to become too alarmed. But he has drawn a tower over every surface, even the pages in his prayer book; a dark tower that haunts his waking dreams.

With a priest of their brotherhood missing and likely to be attempting another excursion beyond the wall of flesh and bone, the church approaches a group of adventurers for aid.

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The year turns colder as winter begins to dig in its talons, as the rich colours of the woods and moors turn from their autumnal splendour to the darker hues of the new season. But still, in parts of the land the reds contrast with the bare branches in a defiant way as the mists draw in and linger amongst the trees. The light fails early and the adventurers of Berwickshire continue their forays across the region to fight against its foes and explore its ancient places. Who know what they may disturb next …

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This week I want to walk you through the Tudor-style shirt I made to be worn under my chain shirt when adventuring as my Black Knight character in the UK LARP system Fools and Heroes. Given that my knight’s underlying kit was inspired by Tudor costumes and working with the typical colours of her Order, I decided to invest time in a version of a shirt I made for banquet wear. With a laced closure and made of durable fabric, so far this shirt has survived the punishment of being worn under my chain shirt.

So, join me as I walk through a variant of Shirt A from Simplicity’s #4095 pattern.

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Over the last six months you may have  noticed a new routine on Wolfish Written – LARP updates of adventures, Fest write-ups and a collection of “basic” kit tutorials to aid those looking to add a little something extra to their kit. I hope these tutorials are of use to you, dear reader, and that they help you make your LARP environment a little more “real”.

However, there is a limit to the number of “basic” kit tutorials that can be written before they start being repeated, explored as variations, or simply redone without turning to using a paper pattern. Over the next few months and beyond I would like to share some of my own experiences of making kit, working with patterns and exploring other creative methods such as black-work embroidery or crafting re-usable scrolls (to name but a few topics I have in mind) as well as sharing some costume inspirations of current and past characters.

Therefore, in preparation for doing a “walk-through” of a Tudor-style shirt in the near future, I would like to talk a little (or a lot) about reading of commercial patterns.

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The last tutorial was about making belt sashes/flashes to show heraldic devices for knightly/noble/militia characters. I’ve found that some people prefer arm bands to something hanging from the belt, particularly if they already have quite busy belts, so thought I would share the way I make arm bands and a few variations I am yet to try.

Some people also use armbands to denote rank if their system allows it, rather than stitching rank insignia onto every item of kit they own.

There are more tutorials here, but if you a particular request for a tutorial, add it to the comments below.

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The Kharachian Church called a quest to defeat a great evil in Berwickshire in the days drawing down to their Lord’s holy day. A number of adventurers answered the call and fought with the creature, being blessed in the light of Kharach, but were not able to defeat it. Through the sacrifice of a warrior of Longstor, a troll called Balrat, a prayer was carried to Longstor that the visions he had seen would be shown to those who would fight against the horror known as “The Shade”.

On the Night of the Dead, Longstor answered this prayer. And so the adventurers gathered in the ruins of the old tavern and bore witness to the past, to arm themselves to face the future.

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Okay, so the weather is properly beginning to turn and it’s been a little nippy during the day and night as we head towards winter. I know most LARPers are perfectly sensible and can sort themselves out with kit ahead of these cold seasons (or have learnt to tough it out regardless), but as part of my review of kit, I have decided to offer up my personal outlook on LARP kit and the art of layering.

Particularly relevant if you’re monstering one of our night sites.

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