A patron of the arts is distressed to learn that his acting troupe, a group of traldan players and their associates, have not arrived in Carlech ahead of a sold out show in Carlech. Putting out a message to the adventuring community he seeks aid in locating these missing individuals and returning them to Carlech for the next sell out evening of their tale of “Nimaway and the Liche”.

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There have been murmurings of rebellion in the Tisa Valley for nearly nine months. Some of the lesser families have even been vocal about their dissatisfaction with their Duke, his grace the Duke Du Conyers. To stop the escalation of violence becoming an outright civil war the Duke has invited those parties who are most aggrieved to come to “talks” hosted by the Templar Order where they can air their problems and come to some form of amiable accord.

The adventurers have travelled to these talks to offer aid should things go awry …

Thank you Tees Valley branch for organising and running this last invite of the year. We had a wonderful time with this engaging plot that left just enough room for plenty of self-generated character froth. To all the organisers, referees, plot writers, cooks and those who contributed their time and effort to this – you made the event possible. To the players and crew who were involved, you made the event with all your role play. Thank you.

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When I say belt sash/flash I’m referring to the square or rectangle of cloth folded over a belt or sat on a belt which denotes loyalty to a group or collective or shows a personal motif or heraldric device – basically another way to add a bit of colour or distinction to your kit. These can be relatively simple or as complicated as you so desire, and make a nice item to give to other people if they join your “house” or family or unit in a LARP system. There’s a nice thrill I find when you notice other people wearing the same piece of heraldry as you because you’re all part of the same unit – a nice bit of visual camaraderie.

So, here is my tutorial on making your own belt flash. For other tutorials see here.

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The leaves are beginning to turn in the north of Ithron and whilst some thoughts are beginning to turn towards hibernation and the chill of winter, evil does not sleep! A threat to a shrine you say? A damsel in distress you say? General grumblings in the borderlands?

Don’t worry (!) the adventurers are on it *.

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So, earlier this month I got the mission/fest write up within my self imposed deadline of two weeks (which is a significant improvement on the … two months it was last year?). My intention is to try and get mission/fest write ups done within two weeks of the event (within reason and other commitments permitting).

However, this year was even more exciting as my OH wrote and ran one of the missions on the first day, which led to us preparing kit/props for the last few months – aka project xyz (because things kept being added to the list).

Below are a few photos of the things made in the run up to Summerfest for your enjoyment.

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There is a creature that was once a man in the midst of Knight’s Folly, a marsh on the edge of the town of Auklish. Baronet Auklish wants it destroyed at any cost and has offered a hefty bounty to see it done. Many have gone to the marsh, few have returned.

The adventurers of Berwickshire have been tussling with this creature for almost a year – ever since his forces began gathering in the marsh and claiming lives to rebuild his army. They have defeated his fae counterpart, who fed upon the tale of the undefeatable hero of times long past, the scion of King Eadic Piercer, his illegitimate son who had long protected Berwickshire’s borders from raiders and thieves. They learnt of his longstanding blood oath, his belief that Berwickshire was his to rule and cleanse of the enemy nestled in its heart. They had learnt his tale and decided to put an end to the threat he posed to the world they knew. And so, after a planning session in the Bigg Juggs tavern, the adventurers set out to destroy the Black Prince.

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I wish I could adequately sum up the event that is Summerfest. For most members of the Fools and Heroes system it’s the one event a year where they get to spend a weekend living in the system as their character (save for the occasional helper slots and monstering moments), catch up with friends from across the country and feel to have a hand in the larger, far reaching national plot. However, I cannot name everyone who was there, and I cannot fully express the feelings that this year’s Summerfest brought. It’s a culmination of two years of wide reaching plot that has swept the adventurers to the holy land of Ausremere and back, before drawing them to Tholon to make their stand against the darkness that dwells at its heart. Adventurers have given their blood, sweat and tears, hard work, devout prayers, bold heroics and much dashing daring do to set the land free. Some even gave their lives.

I would like to applaud the CC and his team of refs/site refs/mission refs/bar staff/cooks/first aiders/minions/dogsbodies and do-gooders who made this plot and this event possible. I dof my hat to you, and prescribe you a generous dose of fun. As to the incoming CC, I look forward to writing up your plot too.

However, for all that I cannot give you the wide all-seeing eye of the event, I will try and tell but a little of it.

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