Lady Miriam Celther, student of Berwickshire history, after spending many years in the closed cloisters of Tottenhill Abbey and amongst the brethren of the Templar Keep of Gatesheath, was called to the priesthood in the autumn of 1013. Supplicating, she proved her worth to her god and over the course of her journeys has furthered her devotion and service through her actions.

Below is the (rough) tale of her path from Supplicant to Mother of the faith, servant of the All Father and his oath sworn Knights and the joys and hardships that have come her way.


My thanks to all those who have organised, monstered and played at Newcastle, Leicester, Derby, Leeds and Tees Valley branches over the last six months. My apologies for taking so long to get this update (part 1) written, and for forgetting the details of all that occurred, but bear with me and we’ll have regular updates soon!


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Larp Kit updates

Right, let’s kick off the rejuvination of larp updates by showing a few of the sewing/making projects I’ve got myself into over last 6 months. Most of it has been for my previous and current characters, but I’ve had a few requests for kit and accessories over the months, which are shown below.

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Given that I have been playing Lady Miriam for about 6 months now, it is difficult to know how to introduce my latest character to you. You might recall Rowan’s introduction, thrown into the deep end (literally) in Llaminusu’s frozen sea to claw her way back from the brink of despair to victory. A born fighter who fought her way from apprentice scout and loathed borderlander through to becoming the honour-bound Huntsmaster of Norham, head of the Foresters and the Law Guilds in general, ex-herald and devoted servant of Crowa. Heck, she was even turning into a dragon. She fought from day one until the end and if I could sum up Rowan’s character it would be firey. Enough of you have seen her calm one minute, raging the next; or fought toe to toe with her as one of the monster crew to know what I mean. And you all made that journey with her. Continue Reading »

It’s been a while …

First of all I would like to apologise to all my readers/followers who come by Wolfish Written. I had not intended to leave Wolfish Written alone for so long, but in the run up to Summerfest last year things got a bit hectic. Not a good excuse, but I was struggling to strike the correct work/real life/larp balance and the website got neglected. This isn’t meant to be an excuse, but it happened.

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Folk are going missing in the Lirronwood, a small dark corner of Eborshire. Concerned, adventurers gathered in the city of Eborcomb and travelled into the wood to seek out the source of the troubles.

But, alas, things are never as simple as they seem …


Thank you Leedsfest crew and players, and a specific shout out to the refs who wrote the missions, ran crazy mini-missions out in the night and threw wave upon wave of monsters at us. Your efforts and keen are fantastic and you all deserve a well deserved break – or a trip to the lands of the Empire.

If you attended and are not mentioned in the list found below, please comment below or send the name of your character to wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com.

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Trade out of Ravensholme has stopped. News from the settlement is non-existent and people have been going missing in the region around the ancestral seat of the Vampire Lord Von Raven.

Tasked by the Captain of the Mercenaries Guild in Carlech, a group of adventurers set out to investigate this matter and gather information for an offensive that is being planned to stop this vampire once and for all.

But for the Rangers, these developments are worrisome and Rowan wants to see first hand what is happening in Ravensholme …

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The adventurers of Berwickshire set out one thundery summer’s day to investigate a pair of “odd” occurrences within their county’s borders. Continue Reading »


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